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Common sense: Whilst our SafeSearch application may form the "first line of defence" in your online parental control strategy, please consider that our smart little utility does not claim to screen or block inappropriate search results, websites or content itself. SafeSearchLock is simply designed to conveniently activate and enforce such safety filters being offered by numerous leading online service providers, essentially defaulting a large proportion of the web to a more family safe setting. (See home page for current compatibility list).

Ultimately there is absolutely no substitute for good parental supervision whilst your children are online. Also see our links page for further useful references regarding child safety online.

Compatible service providers: Safe Search Lock is compatible with a specific list of service providers. (See home page for compatibility list). Such compatibility could change without notice, where upon functionality may be temporarily or even permanently effected as a result. (Click for more info). Please note that no liability of any kind will be accepted with regard to such a scenario. Additionally, whilst we hope this project will be both long enduring and beneficial to many, we cannot predict or guarantee its potential lifespan.

Whilst we have every confidence in our products and make every effort to rigorously test them under all likely conditions, we make no warranties, expressed or implied, as to their absolute infallibility. Accordingly any software that we create or supply is provided 'as is' without express or implied warranty of any kind, including without limitation merchantability or fitness for purpose. In no event shall the author or Akumenta be liable for any claim, damages or other liability arising from it.

Privacy: SafeSearchLock does NOT pass on ANY Internet activities to us or any other party. If the "Log all Web access" option is enabled then all URL's visited will only be recorded locally on your PC for your personal access / review.

During the product registration process, all sensitive payment details are securely taken, handled and protected by PayPal. Such information is not handled, stored or accessible by any other party (including us). The only information that we will be privy to are the details required for registration.

In summary, you can be fully confident in your data privacy and payment security.

Licensing and Copyright:

Please feel free to install our trial version of our SafeSearch application on as many computers as you wish.

However, please consider that your personal registration key may only be used with ONE SafeSearchLock installation on one computer. For multiple installations you MUST purchase multiple activation keys or a special multi-installation key. (Bulk discounting available upon request). Accordingly, all registrations are monitored for multiple installation licensing abuse, where under such circumstances we reserve the right to permanently suspend accounts without notice or take further action.

Please also consider that the license to use the software is non-transferable, i.e. once a registration key has been used for the first time, you may not give away or sell your registration key to someone else.

Additionally, full ownership rights to the software will remain the exclusive property of the author and/or Akumenta and any registration keys you purchase simply give you the right to use the software until such a time as it is no longer supported or a breach of our terms and conditions occurs.

Furthermore, no part of the intellectual property in the software is transferred to you upon purchasing a license / registration key.

All work that we publish / provide / produce remains © Copyright Akumenta and / or respective authors and is provided for its originally established usage only. The entire sum or specific elements of said work may remain proprietary.

We are proud of our work (and the many dedicated and painstaking hours that go into it), hence please respect our copyright / licensing; Unauthorised copying, modification, republishing, reselling, redistribution or 'content scraping', is prohibited unless otherwise clearly arranged and agreed by us in writing.

Generous extended licensing can be provided upon request; please just ask... we are decent, friendly and reasonable people!

3rd Party logos: We respectfully acknowledge the relevant ownership, copyrights and trademarks of any third party logos used on this site and make no corresponding affiliation claims of any kind.

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